Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Your doctor would decide after examining that which medicine is right for you. He or she may prescribe medicines such as Viagra which is given for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The required dosages to be taken would be told to you by your physician.

Steps for prevention of Erectile Dysfunction
Stop smoking to decrease your risk of developing atherosclerosis i.e. narrowing of the arteries.
Exercise regularly
Maintain a healthy body weight
Take prescribed medicines as directed
Avoid excessive use of alcohol i.e. more than three drinks a day
Avoid the use of illegal drugs
If you have a chronic illness such as diabetes or kidney disease, follow your physician’s instructions rigidly to keep these conditions under control

Why do you need to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), known as impotence in a lay man’s language is not a life-threatening condition on its own, but it’s a silent explosive ready to explode any time, giving rise to some deadly health problems. In treating men with erectile dysfunction, doctors worry most about heart disease because any form of cardiovascular disease is more likely to occur in people having erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs because of poor blood flow to the penis causing erectile problems. The poor flow in the blood can also be a sign of narrow artery walls, giving rise to cardiac disease.

As with all bodily functions, erections depend on signals from the brain. Thus erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of a problem with the nerves, carrying signals from the brain.

Erectile dysfunction may also be a silent indication to an undiagnosed or a poorly managed diabetes.

But there are a few steps which if a person follows or is careful enough to follow can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction to quite a great extent.